The Bixby Village Community Association (BVCA) includes 300 townhome units and 64 single-family homes located in Long Beach, California. Beginning in 2003, the Jordan Roofmg Company was competitively selected to replace our existing shingle roofmg material with heavy western red cedar shake roofing material. This $6.5 million dollar project was planned in phases over a 12-year time frame. For the Board of Directors, the BVCA Common Area Committee (CAC) oversees all projects that are funded with community reserves. As Chair of the CAC, I have personally led the Association's management of the re-roofing project for the past five years. In 2009, I personally led the effort to recompete the project pursuant to the requirements of our CC&Rs and to conduct a mid project reassessment. Based on our evaluation criteria (i.e., price, responsiveness to specifications, workmanship quality, schedule performance, financial condition and capability, and past performance), Jordan Roofing was again competitively selected from a field of four for the remaining phases of the project. The final phase of our roofing project will be completed in 2015. Jordan Roofing Company has consistently met or exceeded our contract performance requirements. Examples include: Pricing: never exceeded the contract fixed price for labor or materials-no surprises. Timely invoicing. Schedule: subject to weather, completes project phase within stated guidelines. Has published schedule on website. Workmanship: maintains core competence ensuring the same skilled labor force and quality are delivered year to year. Ensures work is performed to code. Never lost schedule or required rework arising from Long Beach City inspectors. Communications: effectively works through the Association and directly with homeowners (when required) to educate homeowners on the roofing process, to minimize disruptions, and for community safety considerations. Easy access to Company principals. Supervision: an onsite foreman is readily available for daily tag ups, etc. Clean up: daily clean ups have been excellent. Workers: respectful, friendly, and accommodating when addressing homeowner needs or workarounds. Attention to Detail: Excellent responsiveness personally performed and assured by company president and foreman. Based on my first-hand knowledge in working with Jordan Roofing over the past five years, I have high confidence in recommending them for any project of similar scope and complexity to that of the BVCA. Our community is a standing example for inspection by interested parties. Sincerely, David T. Spencer Chair, BVCA Common Area Committee
David T. Spencer

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