This is a letter of reference for Jordan Roofing Company. In 2009, Lakeview Homeowners Association began research on a project to replace the roofs on all of the buildings in our complex, since the original roofs installed in 1983 were beyond their useful life. Lakeview HOA is comprised of 105 townhomes in 3, 4, and 5 unit structures, plus a pool house, for a total of 27 separate buildings. Although similar, each structure has slightly different architectural elements, especially regarding the roofs. Some are more peaked, others less so, some are gabled, some are not. In approaching the problem, Lakeview HOA began a lengthy study of the work that needed to be done via a committee comprised of several homeowners with varying and diverse experience. Initially, six contractors were considered, all of them roofing specialists. Following a thorough investigation, this list was narrowed down to two, one of them Jordan Roofing Company and another roofing contractor that had done repair and maintenance work for our Association. We performed a site investigation on work done by both contractors, visiting locations they worked on and speaking to residents about their experience with the contractors. All responses were favourable. When it came time to make a final selection of contractor both bids had a similar composition. One part of the bid was a base cost, the other part of the bid was for extra materials that might be needed once the old roofs were removed (eaves, fascia, plywood). Jordan Roofing Company had a slightly lower base bid but a higher cost for estimated extra materials. In consideration of all elements known to us, we selected Jordan Roofing Company. Throughout the entire process, Jordan Roofing Company was very thorough and professional. With projects of such scale there are always problems of one sort or another, but Jordan Roofing Company performed very well and immediately responded to any questions or minor homeowner complaints. Their team worked efficiently and with a minimum of impact to the homeowners. They completed their work exactly as promised and on schedule. They followed up on issues and questions as the work progressed. They did not use anything but top quality materials. They cleaned up very well after work each day. Since the project was completed, there has not been one homeowner complaint of leaks or inferior workmanship. Personally, I appreciate the fact they are a local family-owned business that has been around for many years. I would not hesitate to recommend Jordan Roofing Company to anyone who required roofing work that needed to be done, from entire replacement to routine maintenance. Jordan Roofing Company is the number one choice for our Association. Sincerely, Bret Rudnick President, Lakeview Homeowners Association
Bret Rudnick

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